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PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner

Only few seconds are required to perform complete PC scan to detect malware presence
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18 March 2015

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Often in small and medium size offices, a single network administrator serves as the go to guy for every IT issue. Now if you happen to be in such a role, you might have to run antivirus scans on each terminal in your office individually. Now in such a scenario if your network has been affected by the Reveton virus which essentially locks the user screen, all hell can break loose. It claims that it is from US ICE and demands a huge payout to unlock the system. Removing this program is a difficult job, especially if you have to go to individual machines to do so. Well with the PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner application you can considerably ease your work and increase the security of your entire network by remotely scanning each connected PC.

When we launch the PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner, it showcases a neat interface which is rather intuitive. Once you select a terminal, you need to click on the Start Scan option to initiate the scanning process. The tool can also be used to scan the entire network in quick time. If the malware is detected the tool can completely remove it. The tool is designed to tackle the most expansive ICE threats that you can possibly come across with aplomb.

The PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner application comes across as a boon for system administrators in small offices which have been affected by the notorious Reveton ICE virus. We mark the software with a score of three rating stars for its credible performance. Given the fact that this specific malware can get into your system via a drive by download, it may make sense for you to procure the software as a matter of abundant caution.

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Save your time to visit each PC and check it for viruses. Instead check all PCs at once by one mouse click. Enable regular checks by spending only few minutes to scan network for viruses with a fast scan engine. Get notification about remote PCs where antivirus protection is disabled or virus databases are out-of-date. Clean-up remote PCs from malware can be performed in the automatic mode and is invisible for remote user and doesn't require interruption of his work. PC protection engine shows notification in case of disabled virus protection. File system and registry clean-up from detected malware Put malware to quarantine before removing it Restoring data from quarantine by request
PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner
PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner
Version 3.7.1
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